How Do We Do


The founders of “Tycoons Invest” have a deep and extensive experience in the field of real estate investment, starting from Dubai and the Arab Gulf markets reaching to the Turkish real estate market.

As the vision of its founders lies in focusing on investment projects and ideas that transform capital and cash into a continuous income source to achieve a return on investment at high rates while reducing the related risks to the lowest possible degrees and seizing investment opportunities for capital owners with guaranteed returns and high rates of ROI.

As “ Tycoons Invest ” study the real estate and investment targets by taking a field trips to identify the owners of those related investment projects, while exploring and collecting sufficient information about the projects and their owners through special sources that allow “ Tycoons Invest ”  to promote and present these projects to the investors with special offers and distinctive investment with minimal risks.

In addition to investment-related advisory services, ” Tycoons Invest ” provides economic feasibility study services and implements them to investors and venture capitalists who want to set up and build their own projects within the real estate investment domain, as ” Tycoons Invest ” creates to these investors special and strong investment ideas to ensure sales; and “Tycoons Invest”  adopts the process of sales and marketing management for the projects that venture capitalists want to do.

Managing investment portfolios … As ” Tycoons Invest ” manages the investment portfolios of a group of investors and infuses the money deposited into a guaranteed investment projects or creates special projects for that investment portfolio after presenting and showing these investment opportunities to the relevant board of directors and getting approval Full it down.

The real capital of ” Tycoons Invest ” is the confidence of investors through it. Therefore, providing comfort, complete, accurate and reliable information which builds a long-term business relationship between ” Tycoons Invest ” and investors.